Mar 1, 2012


Have you seen Priest film that motion at cinema in 2011 directed by Scott Charles Stewart? That sci-fi horror film was about the journeys between humans, priests and vampires that had joined together at the battles for centuries in an alternate world. There's a lot an innovate products and the prototypes which dominated by the motorcycles in the film. Priest film takes a lot scenes at desert, and I thought all of motorcycles designed with it purposes too. What do you think about the motorcycles that showed up on film? The set of scenes looks similar with Mad Max films and Resident Evil Extinction film. Those wardrobes and vehicles had a dirty look, sandy, dusty and rusty. The vehicles usually equipped with special weapons and hi-tech stuffs. The purpose was winning the battle at desert!

Priest bikes built and assembled from the Suzuki Gladius 650, a V-Twin engine 645 cc four stroke 2 cylinder naked bike. I thought the Priest bikes was a chopper or an American muscle bikes, but it were from Japanese sport bikes. Priest bike has an aircraft turbine and machine gun weapons. The custom builder did a changes on the wheelbase to make a length of the bikes longer. I'm just wondering why the most vehicles in sci-fi films looks dirty, is it our futures just like in Priest film scenes at desert?

Maggie Q on Priest film (2011). Photo from

Front design like an aircraft turbine. Photo from

Custom bike based on Suzuki Gladius 650. Photo from

Wheelbase and length of bike on Priest film. Photo from

Fitting and finalise the fiber bodyworks. Photo from

Sketch of Sheriff motorcycle on Priest film. Photo from

Sketch of Priest motorcycle. Photo from

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