Oct 11, 2011



People loves vintage, especially things like motorcycle. Most of them has streamlined design and classics such as a cafe racer. Well-known as a racing bike, enthusiast people had passions to custom their motorcycle to its model. Some of them just buy a brand new cafe racer but not an enthusiasts. They build a cafe racer in many ways.

Ryca Motors is a company which made a part and components for custom bike. The headquarter is in Los Angeles, USA and its founder is Ryan Rajewski and his ex-NASA engineer Casey Stevenson. Do you see a connection between both names ? Ryca CS-1 was the first custom bike designed by Casey Stevenson. And it's cafe racer! They built its custom parts from a cruiser bike that was in market since 1986. A chassis and engine of Suzuki S40 / Savage which have its capacity of 650 cc 5 speed.

The uniquely thing that Ryca Motors offering is "You bought the bike, dissassemble it, buy kits from us, we send to you, build yourself". Interesting right! They were offers something else too. If the enthusiasts can't build their own, leave it to Ryca Motors workshop. But it costs you money! You want to custom itself ? Just follow the complete instructions or guidances from the official website.

Source and images from www.rycamotors.com

Six steps to build a cafe racer. Tutorial by Ryca Motors.
A completed cafe racer with Ryca CS-1 kit parts.
Ryca CS-1 cafe racer


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    1. Ryca motors tidak menjual Suzuki S40, jadi dianjurkan untuk mencari sendiri