Feb 4, 2011


After Honda launched the premium scooter PCX125 in Indonesia last year, at the same time Honda revealed the New Mid Concept at EICMA 2010. This concept scooter bring a new innovation and technology into the machine. A great solutions for riding through a city traffic and very enjoyable riding sensations. New Mid Concept delivered an advanced Dual Clutch Transmission technology, previously on Honda VFR1200F.

A New Mid Concept has a similar line of design with VFR1200F, but it's more dynamics with the scooter models. Riding position is very comfortable and windshield for protection from weather. And of course, the color combination of black-red-silver will make this scooter look more stunning. Also a large 17 inch wheels will provide stability when riding in high speeds.

If Goldwing provide comfort and VFR1200F for sporty look, than a New Mid Concept will be your next target.

New Mid Concept. Source image : www.totalmotorcycle.com
New Mid Concept. Source image : www.totalmotorcycle.com
Honda Goldwing. Source image : www.scenicreflections.com
Honda VFR1200F. Source image : www.sportrider.com

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