Oct 1, 2010


The new KTM 125 has a two version of concept motorcycle, gray-green-white combination and black-orange-white. This Austrian manufacture has an orange brand color, as seen on KTM Adventure 990 endurance until the Duke 690's and 990's streetfighter series. 

KTM 125 called Baby Duke is totally look futuristic and sporty with the combination of gray-green-white. And it's very unique than other motorcycles, we can see from the graffiti decals on tank and cover engine.

The features on this Baby Duke is suitable for young people and urban style. We have to thanks to Gerald Kiska and teamworks who design this motorcycle. Even the engine only have a 125 cc but the design bigger than it looks. The engine has a 15hp, DOHC 4 valve, liquid cooler and electronic fuel injection, and it soon released on March 2011. If the KTM 125 Duke will soon publish in Indonesia, we have to spent a lot of money, so what do you think?

Source image : www.todoterrenotv.com.ar
Source image : www.motodesign.org
Source video : www.indianmotosblog.com


  1. motor sport 125cc punya Yamaha via IU dibandrol 99+ juta, CMIIW. nah kalo si Baby Duke bakal "bernasib" kayak gitu juga gak ya???

  2. hingga detik ini belum ada informasi mengenai harga buat baby duke ini bro, tp kalo masuk indonesia melalui bajaj saya rasa mungkin gak lebih dari 100jt bro.