Oct 7, 2010


From a concept bike in the last 2009, KTM Duke 125 is now become a reality. An Austrian manufacturer has been produce this bike to be exhibited at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in INTERMOT 2010, Germany. This bikes come in two variant of colors, orange-black and cyan-magenta. Even this bike is different from the illustration concept, but this bike is still retain the outline design of KTM. This bike intended to young man and urban lifestyle.

KTM Duke 125 come with specification : fuel injection engine system, four valve 1 cylinder, power 15,2 hp in rpm 10500. A fuel capacity about 10,9 lt and weight 127,9 kg, so this bike must accelerated well. A qualified braking with brembo disc and also this bike is suitable for touring and extreme condition. Can you imagine what's the price if this bikes launch in Indonesia?

Black and cyan combination, Source image : www.motorcycle.com

Orange combination, Source image : www.motorcycle.com

 Exhibition showroom at INTERMOT 2010, Source image : www.motorcycle.com


  1. Perubahan strippingnya lumayan radikal..yang biasanya minor strip/decal. Dan motif yang di gunakan duke 125 memang mangstaff (bernuansa grafitti), tapi tetap mempertahankan ciri khas "KTM" yang kaku & Futuristik,..

  2. Ya bener sekali itu bro, permainan stiker dgn nuansa grafitti di ktm duke 125 ini semakin mencirikan desain urban yg kental dgn aliran futuristik namun bergaya ekstrem.