Aug 18, 2010


Nolan is an Italian helmet branded, many riders trust the safety of his head on this helmet. Comfortable, sporty but classic although we have to spent a lot of money to bring this one home. Just fit on your head and ready to ride with your lovely motorcycle.

Nolan N43 Air configured into 6 models also the top air ventilations that bring Nolan as the best brand. A chin framework is made from flexible steel, cover with a latex and easy to plug and play. A dark inner visor that useful in the midday and a clear outer visor. Support the N-Com bluetooth and wireless communication between Nolan helmets.

In that condition, Nolan still fight for the certificates, so they didn't want to lose their minds. They released the new Nolan N43 Trilogy that pass the certificates of D.O.T and ECE 22.05.

Source image : Nolan N43 Air with 6 model combination.
Source : Top air ventilation of N43 Air.
Source : New Nolan N43 Trilogy with small top air ventilations.


  1. mahal
    tapi, tetap saja kalau di jalan indonesia
    masih kena tilang

    DOT atau ECE kan bukan SNI .. lolololol

    kalau udah kepalang punya gimana ya caranya?

  2. Satu info lagi bro, apabila standar helm di atas atau selevel dengan SNI tetap diperbolehkan dipakai di jalan. Jadi tidak ada masalah bro mau pakai helm standar DOT/SNELL/ECE...

  3. nice info.. akhirnya bisa ngobrol di pluit junction tadi sore

  4. iya bro, seneng juga bisa sama-sama share info di dunkin....