Feb 27, 2013


2013. Batpod street version. Sketch illustration by Morukai.

This sketch made by digital painting techniques. Inspired by the Batpod in the Batman films, i.e., the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. Batpod is an attractive bike, but just in the film not in the real. But if it really real, it will not suitable to ride. Even some people has made replicates. Batpod has a capable suspension to swinging and rotates 180 degrees while turn from its positions.

This is a street version of Batpod. Each details in this bike used the parts of common bikes. It has a large front suspension which controlled from a front hub-center steering, rear travel suspension with a unique shapes, large fuel tank, massive headlamp with LED headlight, carbon rims, tyres and a sharp tail. The body made from carbon fibers, which generally used in many high end bikes.

What should we named it?


  1. mantab n suerrremm masbro! thumbs up!!!

  2. Mantappp..... Tetap eksis nih bro?

    Apa kabar euy.... Mampir dong ke kios.....