Feb 23, 2013


Kawasaki Z250 first announced at public in early 2011 in Jakarta. Bike enthusiasts were surprised of the model, because its a naked version from Kawasaki Ninja 250R. But some of them disappointed too, it caused by half fairing design that looks weird. It means unusual half fairing. It covered the half machine that should be more exposed. What is supposed to be? Kawasaki just had reasons to its version design, they had research and development for years before its product launch on markets.

I just thought that current model would simple without half fairing. Then I draw a custom bike like the picture below. I creates tank shrouds that merged with large fuel tank, headlamp with LED headlight ornaments. Creates an up-side down fork suspension that includes double disc brakes. I made the swing arm in aluminium look, its bold and huge too. The other part that I won't missing on this custom naked bike was a fork brace, it's a small part that keep handling balanced on this bike. Its placing above the front fender and clamped on between an up-side down suspensions. It's usually for a long riding.

This sketch illustration created with digital software.

2013. Kawasaki Z250. Sketch illustration by Morukai.

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