Oct 10, 2012


Kawasaki Z800 is a powerful four cylinder streetbike. That bike which manufactured in 2013 was the predecessor of Kawasaki Z750 model. I was wondering what it could be on custom bike. Then modification just start to begin. I'm covering this bike with colour combinations in white, black and green. Arrange its colours at different placement such as seat, fuel tank, fairing and exhaust pipe. I also decrease the seat thickness to make the fuel tank more exposed. Adding some stripes and decals to be the part of the body. Last, I removed rear fender and cut the tail chassis. And now this modification is completely a custom street-fighter. What do you think?

This image below was edited and composed with digital techniques.

Photo editing by Morukai. Original photo from Kawasaki Z800 2013


  1. Whoaaaaa.....keren e poooollll masbro.....

  2. Wuanjrit Japanese Monster is Back!..si hijau yang lagi mau ngobrak-abrik jalanan!,,


  3. Salam Sejahtera & selamat pagi..terbaik la tuan blog ni kompilasi teknologi terkini...saya sangat memintati z800 terkini ini ...ingin saya tanyakan di Indonesia sudah adakah part2 yang dimodifikasi atau performance part di jual di sana?adakah z800 sudah pun memasuki pasaran Indonesia?
    Seperi ninja 250 yg sgt hebat penjualannya di indonesia saya berharap z800 ini juga mendapat tempat di Indonesia