Feb 27, 2012


It seems frustrating to find a way and solve the traffic jams that never ends in Jakarta. But if there's a way, government  and the public should working together to solve the problem issue. The essentials things to do is :

- Remember and carry on the vision of the nation foundations
- Raise and increases people awareness 
- Rules of the legacies and justice that straight to the people 
- Support education to all the people, a poor or wealth 
- Exterminates the corruptions and it resources 
- Supplying the job vacancies, treating a homeless person and people with disabilities 
- New recruitment for an educated and trusted people to fill a good position in government and parliament

If the essential things is running successful, the government and public ready to build together the infrastructures in the city, public facilities and public transportations, etc.

Traffic jams in Jakarta. Photo from Badan Informasi Publik Kementerian Kominfo

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