Sep 30, 2011


Starting today, feature articles posted on Morukai's blog officially changed to a new direction. It continue the ideas to inspiring the people entire world.

Published on internet since 2007, feature articles on Morukai's blog was about digital imaging and graphic design. Digital imaging and artwork portfolios has many posted here on blog Morukai Creative Nation. It was interested whole that time.

In 2009, this blog also changed to Unit Kreatif Morukai, because the feature articles was posted in Indonesian language with locally contents. These feature articles review an automotive trending topics globally too. It happened since for the first time I bought my new motorcycle in 2008, I love automotive and motorcycle things. I had joined to the community that support my bike too.

Ahead of the year 2011, Morukai's blog still featuring articles about automotive, motorcycle and some people profiles. From the custom bike until visual prototype motorcycle designs. Most of an images of custom vehicles that featuring on blog created by Morukai in a digitally processing on computer. Most of these was finalised in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The source images or photos on this blog sometimes downloaded from websites or from googling. You'll find the difference between original photo and edited photo from its credit caption or watermark on images. Usually the source of original photos comes with credits, and links from website addresses. So please contact Morukai's blog if you have found any credit captions and links missing or was forgotten.

About the artworks that posted on blog, usually contains some illustrations, cartoons, sketches and digital imagings, these mean it was created too and edited digitally by Morukai's. You'll see the different from credit captions and watermarks on the images. Which is artworks from this blog was free to download and share but it's for personal use only. If you are happy with those artworks, just share it on internet to people around the world. But please put a credit caption or link back to the Morukai's blog . For commercial purposes, please leaves an email or message on comment box. Then we could discuss it as soon as you needs.

Finally, it doesn't mean feature articles on Morukai's blog not changes and I would let you know. Welcome to the Adventure of Morukai!


Steven Sahardjo 
(Morukai's Blog Owner)

Merbabu summit view from Kopeng, Salatiga. Photo by Artha Gulo.


  1. nice blog mas.. saya tertarik dengan digital imaging yang mas kuasai.. kapan2 boleh kita share tentang digital mas..


  2. @motorbiru: bro iqfar ya? ok bro kapan ada waktu kita kopdar aja, bisa bahas otomotif dan digital imaging...:)

  3. hihi kok tau saya mas... okelah.. kapan2 kita ngobrol ya mas..

  4. iya bro, saya baca about di blog motorbiru, dan baru tahu juga ternyata bro iqfar salah satu instruktur digital imaging juga di digital studio :)

  5. bro Steven,sy sgt tertarik dengan blognya. sangat menarik dan dekat kecintaa sy pada barang2 cantik...Pengen ketemu kapan2 kalo ada kesempatan :)

    salam kenal + keep it up for always!!!

  6. salam kenal bro ilham, terimakasih sudah mampir kesini, kalau ada waktu kapan2 kopdar bareng :)

  7. Salam kenal bro....
    Seneng rasanya bisa nemu blog yang banyak berisi digital desain...n desain otomotif (ane langsung jadi penggemar masbro nih!). Pengen ketemu nih kalo ada kesempatan...ngobrol2 ttg desain otomotif... Btw ane juga punya rubrik desain otomotif bro...di
    silakan ditunggu caci makinya bro.... :D