Feb 3, 2011


I never been heard before about xBhp magazine or even bought the magazines. Until that time when someone sent me an email, we've made conversations for a week or two. He is a media journalist from xBhp magazine, he had excited in Morukai's blog especially custom motorcycle artworks. He meant all Bajaj Pulsar custom bikes that was edited and he would reviewed Morukai's blog in the magazine. I sent him final artwork images in a digital version. Then he said I supposed to have that magazine (e-magazine) because of contributed on their magazine. About a month I had received a reply mail about  magazine has published on December 2010, and these are the results.

Morukai artwork at digital customising Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles reviewed on xBHP magazine.
My artworks submission of custom Bajaj motorcycle from a different variant models of Pulsar 135, 220, 600 and 850. This submission was published on xBHP magazine in December 2010.

How ironic, I had the two pieces of page, which is only the pages of Morukai's had reviewed. How do I recommend the magazine to people if I never could see the entire pages? What are your opinions?