Jan 18, 2010


Since it officially become a Tourism City, Batu now has more interesting tourism place. There are so many venues, and Jatim Park 2 is one of them. It is a Wildlife Museum which has so many fabulous collections. Lucky me, it just already opened for public when I visiting Batu. So there I am, enjoyed being a tourist in there.

The main building has a Westerns style, it has many huge pillars. Two big elephants sculptures standing on left and right side of the building. It's awesome! Jatim Park 2 has a large area, which planned for different purposes building. Some of plans was zoo and restaurant, but it still on progress.

Entering the main lobby, I was surprised by some giant dinosaur skulls. It absolutely big as seen in Jurassic Park films! The height is similar to the pillars, almost reach the ceiling. The ceiling itself looks like a blue sky, which surrounded by light. From the lobby, I walked into the next area. I found many dioramas there, like cheetah, african lion, mountain goat, antelope, polar bear, and many more wildlife animals. I saw reptiles, insects that I never seen before. I can tell you those are from real animals. Many of them collected from all over the world, mostly from Africa. 

This is an international museum and the only one in Indonesia. Have you been there ?

Photo belongs to Morukai. Jawa Timur Park 2.

Photo by Morukai. Front view of the Wildlife Museum.

Photo by Morukai. Dinosaur skulls in the main lobby.

Photo by Morukai. Diorama of antelope.

Photo by Morukai. Diorama of mountain goat.

Photo by Morukai. Diorama of leopard.

Photo by Morukai. Diorama of african lion.

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