Jan 25, 2010


Freeline Skate Sport (Freeline Sports, Inc.) founded in San Fransisco 2003 by Ryan Farrelly. Freeline Skate is different from skateboard, because it made from two small pieces of deck board. And each boards have a single truck with two wheels. I thought it was a same parts from skateboard. Freeline Skate look similar with inline skate, it is just without the shoes design. Just hope it well-balance while stand on it.

Please take a look at these pictures, make sure to stand on the deck every time. From its model, we know that Freeline Skate has a different side directions between left and right boards. Usually, there's so many tricks on skateboarding, but not with Freeline skateboarding. Its limitless is the uniquely things. Freeline skateboarder playing this thing like dancing on the street.

Photo fom www.surfshot.com
Photo fom www.surfshot.com
Photo fom www.surfshot.com

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