Jan 16, 2010


When talking about motor sport india this one, certainly not death. Unit Kreatif Morukai often raise Bajaj Pulsar design in the category concepts as found in previous articles, from the full fairing version pulsars, naked to supermoto. This time we tried to modify the 600cc bajaj pulsar naked bike.

Along with advances in technology, especially in bajaj pulsar, then it's time the largest motorcycle manufacturer in India is trying to play in the large engine. Let's see if some variant of pulsars ranging from 135cc, 150cc, 180cc, 200cc and 220cc. It is not possible manufacturer from India playing on 250cc, 400cc and even 600cc. So, please enjoy our work, may be useful.

Material: Bajaj Pulsar 180, Kawasaki Versys, Buell Cyclone, Buell 1125R

1 comment:

  1. This time after a long break Bajaj has made something which is appreciable.This speed machine got stunning looks and 650cc powerful engine.