Apr 19, 2008


This submission design was a part of Batikaholic online exhibition that I was joined a few times ago. The concept and idea of this design is to promote traditional local culture product such as Batik. The idea to promote Batik is a quite simply by create transit ad on transportation vehicles i.e. public and tourism bus. We can choose what pattern will use on transit ad. After the Batik pattern chosen, we can process it as a decal or paint directly to the bus. Then we have a bus covered in Batik pattern. 

The benefits to the people in public is easy to reach the messages by those images, when driving on streets, stopping at traffic light, or during the trip to holiday destinations. People may aware on unusual design bus like Batik pattern. People start begin to capture the bus, publish to the internet, share on social media, etc. The important thing is, do we have a responsibility to keep and maintain Batik products as the traditional culture of Indonesia heritages?

Batik pattern and photo editing by Morukai.