Sep 6, 2007


Logo of Morukai.

Morukai is a nickname which I created and usually used on designing any artworks. It just appeared in my mind because it sounds like an oriental name.  Morukai officially used during my college since 2000 until now. Morukai is a soul, it become a part of everyday life, mostly live in art, design and culture. People live everyday by inspiring one another, and Morukai hope that its soul will also bring inspiration for others.

The logo has a figure of the woodpecker, a kind of bird that have a character which similar with Morukai. Hardworking, patiently and responsible. That three things completely fill the Morukai's soul, and in the end it become a synergy. Woodpecker has the similarity of that synergy.

The head of logo has a sharped line which represents the meaning of thinking forward. Three curved tails is a symbol of art, design and culture. And round circle of the centre is a symbol of dynamic character.

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