Feb 2, 2012


Early month in January, Jorge Lorenzo visited Auto Expo 2012 in India also his debut on promoting Yamaha events. As his first coming to India, he visited Buddh International Circuit also to testing performs on Yamaha R15 new models. The race circuit has been used before on F1 championship in 2011.

I'm not reviewing Jorge Lorenzo joined the races., but reviewing this interesting photo. Let's start with the guy with red jacket and yellow helmet. It's unique because everyone on Yamaha's apparels blue and white colours, let me guess that he was a guy from media or journalists, he's not being part of the team too. But he was lucky enough to standing there and races with Jorge. Second, this photo was taken in the morning, every people on this photo wearing jackets, India currently hot. Last, the colours of the stadium seats just like rendering people on 3D. Anyway, I like this photo, the angle and composition was fine.

Photo from www.2wheeltuesday.com


  1. yg kocak lagi cek bagian tribune, kayanya penontonnya 2 dimensi gitu , keliatannya rame tapi klo diliat2 bukan orang wakakakk

    nice blog bro update terus yak