Jan 11, 2010


Most people in Jakarta has spent their times longer on the roads. It is because fast population growth in the city. With population has increase every years and most of people works at central business and industries, the city start to beginning a traffic jam problems. These happened every day in the morning and evening rushed hours. Traffic jams in Jakarta just like in hell, people usually wake up at 5 am, entering traffics by 6 am, and arrives at office by 9 am. It has continue while getting back home. That's why people spent theirs 3 to 6 hours a day on the roads. How ironic is that? Yes, but it's like a habit to people lives in Jakarta. 

Traffics in Jakarta has caused easy by damaged roads, people passed the red light, dysfunctional of traffic lights, people disobey the rules on roads, too many personal used cars / motorcycles, public transportations not operated normally and officers lose to maintain the traffics. Then how to changes people minds to ignored situations while they had stuck in traffic jam? People needs was calm down on situations on the roads. Have you ever seen traffic lights like the image below?

The visual prototype of new traffic light above created by Amjan Stankovic. A designer who cared about the eco-design, it design had awarded as winner on RedDot. The traffic light has a generally design, but the idea and concept was brilliants. Currently, traffic light has a three colours on same size, but not what Amjan's do to the visual prototype. This prototype has a bigger red light and running circle LED indicators. The LED indicators indicates time remaining while people stopped at the traffic light. Do you remember these running circle indicators on startup screen of the Apple Mac OS X?

Photo from www.relogik.com
Photo from www.relogik.com
Photo from www.relogik.com

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