Jan 25, 2010


When we hear about Jawa, it's sound like "Java", the one of islands in Indonesia. So how about this Jawa motorcycle ? Well, Jawa motorcycle was not produced in Java, Indonesia. But this manufacturer was in Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia. Founded by Janecek at Wanderer in 1929. Jawa is "Janecek and Wanderer".

See the red one, Jawa 50 M Pionyr, the classic design just like Honda 1970's at that time ( Honda pitung in Indonesia) but this motorcycle is totally a Europe design manufacturing. When we see the other three motorcycles, Jawa is concern in sport enduro motorcycle, you can see the frames, the wheels and the suspension. Now, Jawa brings the new one, a Jawa 650 Dakar. Specially for adventurer rider who love to ride long distances to the river, desert or mountain. The design is totally amazing, you can see the design of the head lamp, fairing and the muffler so lovely one. And the grey metallic colours gives a futuristic line design of course. Jawa 650 comes in three different models, Classic, Style and Dakar.

Photos by www.jawa.fi and www.motorcyclemuseum.org

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