Dec 6, 2008


At the end of the end of year 2008, several brand motors from Japan, Korea, America, Italy and India participated in an exhibition Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2008 at the Jakarta Convention Center Building. They're promoted their incredible motors like Harley Davidson, Ducati GT 1000, Suzuki B King, Honda Evo 6, etc.. According to Unit Kreatif Morukai who have attended there, Honda also present the robot Asimo as the icon for many years. But for many reasons, the other brands like TVS, Minerva and BMW's did not joined the exhibition. There's a Bajaj too, an Indian motorbikes which shown only Pulsar 200 and XCD 125.

Finally, JMS 2008 exhibition could be a reference for bike riders who are interested in hi-tech engine and futuristic design. Keep brotherhood!

Photo by Morukai.

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